A 100-Minute Lesson on CAW的教學計畫

名  稱:  A 100-Minute Lesson on CAW
班  級:   class112 學制:   國中 年  級:   3
領  域:   語文 科目:  閱讀教學 是否公開:  是
關  鍵  字:
說  明: The Lady or the Tiger?
教學目標: 1.Ask students to read the article.
2.Make sure students understand the meanings of the reading through the questions starting with why, what,who,how,and where.


活   動 1:  CAW
活  動  期  限:  2010/3/1∼ 2010/6/1
活動類別/方式:  課堂講授 /其他 參與討論:   是 繳交作業:   否
One of the important aims of writing is to inspire students’ creative and abundant thinking. Story guided writing can be used to direct students’ writing not to stray from the main subject and also stimulate their imagination. Through an open-ending story on-line, each student, by mixing with his or her own opinions and experiences, try to guess and fancy what’s going on at the end of the story and then construct a special and interesting ending by himself or herself. Besides the writing practice, each of them also has to know how to search the designate story, finish his or her work on-line, and send it to the teacher’s e-mail box. Then students can also view and emulate their classmates’ writing on-line after the teacher puts all of the works in order and posts them on-line. Writing will become more interesting and attractive via the lesson on CAW.
Thirty-four students in the second year in Kaohsiung Cheng-hsing Junior High.
1. Tell students they are going to finish the open-ending story The Lady or the Tiger? on-line.